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Are you ready for your data loss?

Your data is your most important asset. Keep it safe with Safetica.

itsa 365: Digital security lock
itsa 365: Icons for security guidelinesSafetica covers all standard channels and platforms.
Crisis communication, lawyers, patents and technologies that are no longer secret, and a lot of money and nerves - hopefully you have prepared well for your data loss; even better would be to avoid it: The data loss prevention (DLP) software "Safetica DLP" available from MicroNova reliably protects companies.

From secret ketchup recipes to artificial intelligence algorithms: there is data worth protecting in every company. But data leaks are becoming more frequent in an increasingly digital world. This was confirmed in 2019 by a survey conducted by the industry association Bitkom: 75 percent of the participants had become victims of data theft, industrial espionage or sabotage in the past two years. This means that data loss prevention is also becoming increasingly important for small and medium-sized companies: Unlike large global players, they often have comparatively small IT budgets and/or departments to protect their data.

This is where Safetica Technologies comes in: Safetica DLP is a Data Loss Prevention solution especially for companies with a special focus on high usability and a good price/performance ratio. The result is a solution that reliably protects against intentional or unintentional data loss and requires no additional hardware. IT departments can perform the installation and setup themselves within a few hours, with uninterrupted operation.

How it works

Safetica DLP protects sensitive data regardless of format and application. This helps to avoid intentional or accidental data breaches and to comply with data protection regulations. The software covers all common standard channels and platforms through which data can leave a company: E-mail, removable storage and data media, file sharing and other Internet services, social networks, mobile devices and printouts. IT staff can quickly create security policies for each channel and apply them to different endpoints without special knowledge. The DLP solution also highlights potential security risks.

Safetica Technologies uses an architecture with an on-premise or cloud server including database, the Safetica Management Console and endpoints with Safetica clients. With the initial setup, the IT department creates a central database on an existing server where all client activities are recorded; any offline data is automatically transferred there as soon as an Internet connection is re-established. The Safetica Management Console provides administrators with an overview of identified security risks, collected data and reports; in addition, security policies can be configured and then applied to the endpoints (PCs, laptops, etc.) with Safetica Client. The client enforces the security policies and documents file activities.*
itsa 365: Icons for Safetica process The Management Console is the control center of the DLP solution.
itsa 365: Digital security lock on tablet

Other features

  • Configuration of security policies for all common standard channels for data transfer: group-based or individual rules; different workflows from "Allow", "Log only", "Notify" to "Deny
  • Control over all connected external devices: ban/restrict mobile devices and unauthorized media connections; additional control options for mobile devices and overview of all data leaving the Office 365 cloud
  • Security for employees working with confidential data: on-demand notification when users are about to violate policy; administrator can enforce defined processes for particularly sensitive data
  • Offline protection: Safetica DLP remains active even when endpoints are not connected to the Internet All security incidents are synchronized as soon as the connection is restored.

* Performance depends on the license. More info:

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