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CuriX - Success of the next generation

CuriX, proactive monitoring solution for ICT infrastructure and security managers, guarantees cost-effective, optimal and secure ICT operation / support

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With the CuriX solution package, we make the operation of your ICT infrastructure safer, more efficient and more cost-effective.

With the holistic solution CuriX Predictive Monitoring and Outage Prediction, we minimize the risk of failure, increase the availability of your ICT infrastructure and reduce your costs at the same time.

The highly developed machine learning components used in the CuriX technology, with anomaly detection and automated correlation, enable precise and early prediction of failures in the operation / security environment.

CuriX locates sources of error or unauthorized access, shows where they originated and what consequences could arise if these are not remedied in good time.

With CuriX, we offer those responsible for ICT infrastructure and security a proactive solution that helps them operate their ICT infrastructure more optimally and securely at lower costs. The ICT infrastructure can be supported early, in a targeted manner and with a minimum of effort. This not only increases the efficiency of your IT department, but also prevents tedious and expensive downtimes. This increases productivity and the success of the entire company.

CuriX - Success of the next generation