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IT Security Solutions - from spoilsport to the pioneer of digitalisation

Read our whitepaper to find out why an upstream Secure Access Hub should offer more than just high security.

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Coherent overall solutions – for business as  well as  for IT.
Digitalisation is presenting businesses with new challenges which go far beyond information technology. This primarily relates to an aspect which is becoming increasingly important: IT security. 

Modern IT security is thus more than just security. After all, talking about registration processes also means discussing customer experiences. And if
you’re optimising data management, you’re generally also optimising whole process landscapes. As a result, business and IT logic must be considered together, and coherent overall solutions are required particularly when it comes to security.

The six key requirements for integrated security solutions:

  • Optimal application and data security:
    with upstream security solutions which reliably protect the application.
  • A satisfying user experience:
    with intelligent processes which guarantee a high level of user-friendliness.
  • High cost-efficiency:
    with a consolidated security architecture which significantly reduces costs.
  • Quick time-to-market:
    with coherent frameworks which enable an efficient application development.
  • Comprehensive compliance management:
    with central data handling which meets all current international standards.
  • High availability:
    with a high level of reliability, avoiding long downtimes in the event of an attack