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Samsung Knox Suite bundles solutions for secure, simple device management

The Knox Suite end-to-end solution enables IT administrators to use up to four Knox services with just one license key.

As the number of mobile devices in the enterprise grows, so do the challenges IT administrators face in managing business smartphones. "As different as companies are, so different are the needs in terms of Enterprise Mobility Management. However, they usually have one thing in common: they attach importance to efficient deployment and secure and smooth operation of mobile solutions," says Sascha Lekic, Director IM B2B at Samsung Electronics GmbH. "With Knox Suite, we offer an all-in-one solution that is designed for simple and reliable management throughout the entire device life cycle. The consolidated offering makes it easier for IT administrators to use up to four Knox solutions - through simplified license management and a seamless user experience".

One solution from a single source

With Knox Suite, IT administrators now receive a license key for using each program, eliminating the need for separate logins. Single sign-on allows compatible business smartphones to be managed from a single, intuitive console. The Samsung solutions Knox Platform for Enterprise, Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Manage and Knox E-FOTA One can be integrated.

Knox Platform for Enterprise is a hardware-based, multi-layered security platform that protects the data on Android smartphones, tablets and Tizen watches from Samsung. It is certified by various governments(1) and is also suitable for use in highly security-critical environments. Samsung Knox has received numerous security certifications worldwide, including the Common Criteria Certification for Mobile Device Fundamentals Protection Profile (MDFPP) and a BSI certification in combination with Secusmart's SecuSUITE solution.
The Knox Platform for Enterprise Premium License is a component within Knox Suite. It accesses the Knox Platform device interfaces and offers management and security functions that go beyond Android Enterprise.

Knox Mobile Enrollment allows the simultaneous and automatic deployment of Samsung smartphones in high volumes. When the devices are first switched on, they are connected to the network and automatically registered with the respective EMM provider. Neither the user nor the IT administrator has to do anything manually.

With Knox Manage, Samsung's EMM, mobile device fleets can be managed remotely via a web-based console. The MDM solution allows IT administrators to control how their users use embedded devices in accordance with corporate security policies.

With Knox E-FOTA (Enterprise Firmware-Over-The-Air), operating system and security updates can be deployed without additional user intervention. The solution allows to test updates in advance, schedule them and remotely deploy them to a defined and compatible group of devices. The latest addition to the Knox family, Knox E-FOTA One, combines and extends the features of the integrated basic EMM solution Knox E-FOTA on MDM as well as the more powerful standalone version Knox E-FOTA Advanced. "The new solution enables easy device management, including so-called out-of-box installation and interfaces to various EMM systems. This enables smooth operation of the mobile device fleet and reduces the burden on IT administration," says Holger Dohrmann, Product & Solution Manager B2B, Samsung Electronics GmbH.

Samsung Knox Suite is available for corporate customers in Germany through authorized dealers.


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