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Simplify to secure

Simply more security.
Reduce complexity by integrating your security ecosystem.

itsa 365: A kind of robot made of satellites
Security management is a complex area. Threats change, talent must be retained and the vendor landscape is growing. To ensure the growth of your business, you don't just need to introduce new security technologies to address new threats or simply keeping pace with challenges that arise from new business processes. It is more like fighting the Hydra of Lerna, the serpentine water monster from the Greek and Roman Mythology - when you solve one problem, two new ones appear immediately. Traditional thinking implies that every new problem requires a new solution. But this new solution can create the Herculean task instead of having to fight two new ones with just one Hydra head. Similarly, the layering of new technology on each new threat to security as your processes become more complex and your tools are more dependent on each other. In other words: If you continue to look for only the technology that can solve your latest, most urgent security problem, multiply
you may have security vulnerabilities that slow you down instead of security environment to simplify detection and response, and accelerate.


  • Simplify to secure

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