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Future-proof Security Solutions for IoT and IT-Infrastructures

This presentation focuses on innovative security solutions that protect IoT and infrastructure applications from quantum computer attacks.

10/7/2020 12:30:00 PM – 10/7/2020 12:45:00 PM
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  • Technology lecture
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This presentation focuses on innovative security solutions that protect IoT and infrastructure applications from quantum computer attacks.

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Action description

Innovative cyber security solutions need to satisfy 4 major properties: future-proof security, usability, scalability and the capability to cover a great variety of application scenarios.

In this talk, we present various technologies for IoT and infrastructure applications that are innovative and easy to use. If needed they also protect from powerful quantum computer attacks which completely break the security of typical encryption mechanisms as applied in almost all areas.

In particular, this talk covers the following technologies and features:

1.) Q-Encryption Service
Implementing security for enterprise applications is a non-trivial task, which costs money and time. To simplify this task companys can use an API or a corresponding application to encrypt data and send them to any person without the need to setup a PKI. It is just required to login to the service, specify the recipients that are allowed to decrypt the data and then send the encrypted data or store them in the cloud. Data is never encrypted in the cloud, it always remains on the own sytem (data privacy). Decryption just requires to login and decrypt the data. Keys are never used twice.

2.) Q-IDEncrypt is a secure and robust authentication and encryption technology for IoT devices and applications. It completely eleminates the need for a public key infrastructure which typically cost a lot of money and efforts for maintenance. Not requiring to handle certificaties and the simplicity of deployment in virtually all devices Q-IDEncrypt provides high scalability, efficiency and security.

3.) Q-Multisign: Signing contracts or collaboration in times of corona requires flexible and secure methodologies. An innovative web-application to sign contracts and other documents in a distributed manner all over the world helps to save money, time without the need for physical presence.

4.) Cloud Security Center: Cloud applications represent an attractive target to attackers. The ability for quantum computers to break currently applied cryptography represents a major threat to applications deployed in the cloud which contain sensitive data, personal or healt information or trade secrets. A comprehensive security suite for cloud applications using quantum-safe development kits, communication channels, key managemen systems, TLS proxies, load balancers and public key infrastructures are required to protect enterprise applications against quantum computer attacks.

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