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Zero-Trust-Security: Buzzword or solution

How organizations of all sizes use ESET cloud technologies to flexibly meet their current and future challenges.

10/6/2020 12:00:00 PM – 10/6/2020 12:30:00 PM

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ESET Header Zero Trust
  • Product presentation
  • Management I

How organizations of all sizes use ESET cloud technologies to flexibly meet their current and future challenges.

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Action description

For many companies and their employees, the working and business world has changed completely in the wake of the Covid19 pandemic. Still millions of people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland continue to work in their home offices. But what will still change de facto? Which economic sectors and IT segments will benefit from the digitalization and home office push? What is the situation with regard to data security? And above all: What holistic IT security approaches can companies use to ensure the security of their IT infrastructure and effectively protect their assets with ESET technologies despite the rapidly changing conditions?

The not-so-new "zero-trust approach" is coming back into focus for many organizations and, on closer inspection, is finding not only admirers. The use of such "buzzwords" alone discourages many decision-makers; others capitulate early on for fear of excessive costs or because of a supposed lack of own resources. Although the basic idea "We don't trust any entity, neither inside nor outside our own perimeter" is extremely useful, especially against the background of growing remote workstations. ESET takes an approach that is compatible for all companies. We do not want to leave any organizational size "on the line" or even depend on technology. With a simple "maturity model", implementation with us is possible in stages and makes sense for any size of organization. Whether as a standard license or as a managed service, the ESET "Multi-Secured Endpoint", i.e. the combination of endpoint security, encryption, multi-factor authentication and cloud sandboxing, forms the right foundation for Zero-Trust. Depending on the requirements, an endpoint detection & response (EDR) solution then complements the need for complete visibility (inside view) of your own devices and processes. For organizations that also operate their own Security Operation Center (SOC) and are often exposed to the risk of targeted attacks, it is important to operate a suitable early warning system (external view) using "Threat Intelligence". In the third stage of expansion, ESET helps to detect emerging or planned attacks at an early stage and to optimally monitor important assets such as apps, certificates, portals and websites.

Michael Schröder and Thorsten Urbanski will show you how IT managers can effectively implement zero-trust security in their companies with ESET and comprehensively increase the level of protection.

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