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Workforce Multi-Factor Authentication for networks, servers, workstations and applications


  • Cloud (computing) security
  • Identity and access management
  • Authentication
  • Single sign-on
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About us

Rublon enables your workforce to securely access your organization's networks, servers and applications. Protect your data via easy-to-use multi-factor authentication and comply with data protection regulations like GDPR. Deploy Rublon organization-wide, enabling MFA for all your cloud apps, VPNs, servers, workstations, internal as well as on-premise apps.

Integrate Rublon MFA with Windows, Remote Desktop, VPNs, SSH and cloud/web applications using dedicated Rublon connectors and authentication standards like SAML and RADIUS. Let users authenticate using software- and hardware-based methods. Use the Rublon Authenticator mobile app for convenient Mobile Push authentication or WebAuthn/U2F Security Keys. Alternatively, users can authenticate via email.

Rublon is a product of Adips, which is part of Astec, a group of IT companies from Poland founded in 1993. Rublon serves customers from six continents and offers support in English and German.

Learn more about Rublon at www.rublon.com.
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