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We help developers to build secure software by making fuzz testing more usable.


  • Banking (IT security solutions)
  • Application security
  • Health services (IT security solutions)
  • Penetration tests
  • Secure software development
  • Test suites for security products
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About us

Code Intelligence helps companies to build secure and reliable software by automating their application security testing. The ‘CI Fuzz’ platform allows every company to benefit from the advantages of modern fuzzing. The focus on effortless usability enables security testing experts and developers alike to perform continuous automated security and reliability tests - fully in line with the idea of DevSecOps.

Code Intelligence, headquartered in Bonn, Germany, supports leading companies such as Bosch, Deutsche Börse and Deutsche Telekom in the efficient and cost-effective use of application security testing technologies such as feedback-based and coverage-guided fuzzing. Visit us at https://code-intelligence.com/.

About CI Fuzz
The security testing platform CI Fuzz enables development teams to develop robust and secure applications by automating cutting edge application security testing technologies (e.g. smart fuzzing) that previously required specialized security experts. Due to the fully automated platform and the user-friendly interface, bugs can be found early in the software development lifecycle (“shift left”), saving over 60% of developers’ time and therefore development costs. Furthermore, CI Fuzz produces no false positives and maximizes the productivity of costly developers on programming code instead of hunting bugs and security issues. It simultaneously simplifies processes and creates collaboration between development, security, and operations teams. The testing platform is so far available for C/C++, Java (all JVM languages), and Golang and can be deployed both in the cloud and on-premise.

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