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CodeShield GmbH

We help to find the most critical risks in the cloud


  • Application security
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Web application security
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Technologiepark 8
33100 Paderborn

About us

CodeShield GmbH is the only provider from Germany that helps companies to efficiently analyse their entire public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) for security vulnerabilities without installing additional software, without changing a line of code and without affecting the running cloud environments. 

CodeShield identifies the most critical vulnerabilities and attack paths that pose a risk to the cloud. To do this, CodeShield combines the functionality of CSPM, vulnerability scanners and CIEM into one solution. 
To reduce false positives, vulnerabilities are considered in the overall context of the cloud and assessed according to their risk. The identified vulnerabilities are correlated in a graph model to reveal vulnerabilities that together create an attack path. This generates fewer and more relevant alerts. 

Please visit us for a live demo in hall 7A - stand number 7A-316. 

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