Phishing Chart 300

by Cofense Ltd



 - Real phishing simulations that train users to recognise phishing attacks they might encounter in reality, not just hypothetically, including fake brands and other items a user might find in their inbox.
 - A simple button to report a phishing attack with a single click and receive automatic feedback on the reporting status.
 - Leverage collective smart data from over 25 million people worldwide who actively detect and report suspected phishing attacks,
and from Cofense's expert phishing research team.
 - Integrate intelligent phishing data with existing security structure (SOAR, SIEM, TIPS, etc.) for comprehensive incident response intelligence.

To effectively address the phishing problem, organisations need a solution that incorporates a global network of intelligent crowdsourced phishing data combined with advanced automation technologies to quickly audit and remediate threats. In addition, the solution must be able to automatically quarantine phishing emails based on policy or in combination with SOC analyst actions. Cofense's Phishing Detection and Response (PDR) platform is designed to provide an effective and efficient solution to defend against phishing attacks.

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