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Gatewatcher is a leading software vendor in advanced cyberthreats and intrusion detection


  • Banking (IT security solutions)
  • Threat analysis
  • Computer emergency response team (CERT)
  • APT protection
  • Industrial IT security
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About us

Gatewatcher is the leading European security solutions provider for intrusion and advanced threat detection. In particular it edits the Trackwatch® detection system, which was awarded in 2019 the Security Visa for Elementary Qualification by the ANSSI (National Agency for Information Systems Security). 

The company was founded in 2015 by Jacques de la Rivière, an ESIEA engineer, and Philippe Gillet, a security expert. Today, Gatewatcher brings together a multidisciplinary team of experts in security, systems, networks, threat intelligence, encryption and machine learning to cover the most elaborate attack techniques and identify the elements specific to each type of cyber threat for maximum protection. 

Gatewatcher assists Critical Asset Operators (OIVs) in their compliance with the french Military Planning Act (LPM) and supports Essential Service Operators (ESOs) in the context of the European NIS Directive. Gatewatcher offer is also dedicated to any company, organization or institution looking for an optimal threat detection capability within a rapidly operational, scalable solution offering strong interoperability with existing equipment. 

Our protection model is built around a unique technology framework, which targets abnormal behavior by performing a dynamic analysis of weak signals from network flows. The Gatewatcher technology automatically adapts to polymorphic threats, thus guaranteeing a high level of relevance in response to the constant evolution of threat exploitation techniques (polymorphism, obfuscation, encoding, ROPchain, DGA...). 
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