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  • Denial of service protection


  • Denial of service protection
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DDoS attacks can result in the company website being unavailable and important files and programs being inaccessible. This can have serious consequences for companies. By protecting against DDoS attacks, such attacks can be averted and you can save your company from work stoppages, loss of revenue and loss of image. 
Botnets are used to initiate DDoS attacks on websites or web-based applications by sending a large number of incomplete or incorrect requests or protocol elements. With distributed denial of service attacks, hackers overload the network infrastructure with large amounts of data so that services are impaired in their functionality and are only available to a limited extent or not at all. With indevis DDoS Protect you can protect yourself from service interruptions caused by DDoS attacks.
Advantages of the indevis DDoS Protect service:
- Multi-layered protection system with alerting function
- Data processing through German infrastructure and policy based routing
- Transparent, permanent filtering of traffic as well as 24/7 monitoring and attack analysis
- Updating and revision of filter rules according to threat situation
- Reporting on attacks with definable escalation and notification levels 
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