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KJ TECH is manufacturer of Biometrics for supply to access control and time attendance.


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703HO, 3 RD Dongyung Venturestel 45 Deokcheon-Ro, Manan-Gu
14088 Anyang
South Korea

About us

Since 1989, KJ TECH has been boosting and widely distributing the significance of security system and
computer access control system for edifices as a pioneer of business, conveying the importance
of entrance / gateway control system when such concept began to emerges in Korea.

By providing the security system over mental security institutions, research centers,
financial institutes and other major facilities, KJ TECH has set the technological standard for the
security system business and has become the prime leader in the industry.

Also, by breathing life into security gates, automatic doors, revolving doors and other entrance/
gateway control system businesses, KJ TECH has obtained a superb position in the high-end
Entrance / gateway control system market. With customers' ardent interest and encouragement,
KJ TECH launched a new slogan "Total Solutions for Access Technologies", "A design, supply, and
installation "all-in-one" system" and marked a new era in access control system field.

KJ TECH has combined Biometrics & RFID technology, Entrance Solution, electronic system,
communication skill, software application
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