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  • Secure software development
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Packerstraße 183
8561 Söding

About us

We specialize in optimizing company processes and digitizing them with the help of suitably developed software solutions. 

Already in 2018, we launched our first data protection solution, the DSGVO APP. This revolutionary data protection management system relieves external data protection consultants of tedious routine work and significantly supports them in efficiently serving their customers. And with PIA - the digital data protection assistant - data protection consultants can now serve their clients even faster & more efficiently! 

PIA independently creates processing directories, automatically assigns the associated TOMs and ToDos to the processing operations, and also generates the appropriate data protection declaration entries. Whereas in the past it often took more than 40 hours per customer to provide support and create the GDPR documentation, with PIA you only need 2 hours. 

In concrete terms, this means that data protection consultants can support more customers with less effort! 

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