24*7 Azure Sentinel SOC Services

by Northwave Deutschland GmbH

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  • Intrusion detection/prevention
  • Network monitoring


  • Intrusion detection/prevention
  • Network monitoring
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That is possible with the SOC-service of Northwave. Our Security Operations Centre Netherlands monitors your ICT 24 × 7. It is all about reducing the “average time to resolve”. If you do not notice an intrusion attempt in time, an initially small incident can develop into a crisis.

Our Security Operations Centre is located in Utrecht, Netherlands and is one of the most advanced in the Benelux. Our team is very experienced and our people were involved in founding and improving many SOCs of multinationals and national authorities.

This gives you the following benefits:

1) A quick response (24/7) in the event of possible incidents.

2) Clear “actionable advice” to your administrators for quick solutions.

3) Tactical reports that help improve your security.

Northwave uses an advanced Managed SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) platform. This enables the security analysts of our SOC (Security Operations Centre) to respond to incidents 24/7 lightning fast. The data stay in your environment; cloud, on site, SaaS or hybrid.

With our services you have the following technological functions and security controls:

1. Asset and Vulnerability discovery.

2. Intrusion Detection (NIDS / HIDS).

3. Use case based detection (application logs).

4. Event Correlation.

5. User Behaviour Analysis.

6. Log management.

7. End Point Detection & Response (automation or lock & block).

8. Active Threat Intelligence.

We work for clients from almost all sectors, including organisations that are part of the critical infrastructure of our country. Our quality is accessible to any organisation that relies on ICT.

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