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Soliton Systems Europe N.V.

Secure access to company resources through BYOD, COPE and unmanaged devices


  • Data leakage/loss prevention
  • Endpoint security
  • Authentication
  • Network access control (NAC)
  • VPN / remote access
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Jachthavenweg 109A
1081 KM Amsterdam

About us

Soliton Systems is the leading IT security company in Japan and is fast becoming a disruptive player in Europe. Soliton has been a major game changer in developing cyber security technologies with a strong focus on delivering simplified security solutions that are enterprise level.

Soliton supports companies with their IT security management challenges, including network security and securing remote access to internal and cloud applications. The result is protection of the company’s resources from unauthorized access, accidental data leakage and assuring a secure flexible working environment. In summary:

• secure access to company resources whether access is gained from an internal or external network, through personal or corporate owned devices, and even unmanaged devices
• prevent compromised data and accidental data leakage
• integrate remote access solutions in a single app, increasing productivity with a short learning curve for the end-user

Soliton’s solutions all are developed with a few principles in mind:

• No compromise on security
• No trace of company data on any (un)managed device
• Simplify employees’ ability to access company resources
• Complexity removed in IT Management

The easy deployment of Soliton’s solutions immediately results in efficient management, overall cost reduction and increased security. Soliton’s solutions enable organisations to get back control over the network, prevent unauthorized access and allow secure data sharing.

Fast Facts
• Established in 1979, family owned
• Corporate HQ located in Tokyo, Japan
• Founder and CEO, Nobuo Kamata, PhD
• Listed at the Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st Section
• 750+ employees

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