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Digitalization without disruption

Learn how Westcon-Comstor supports the channel in building holistic security architectures by reading the interview with Robert Jung, GM Westcon DACH & EE.

Robert Jung
Robert Jung
Managing Director DACH & EE Westcon Group Germany GmbH

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itsa 365: Digitalization without disruption
Digitization is fundamentally changing the way we work: New applications, end devices and services make companies incomparably more productive and efficient. But the new technologies are also accompanied by new security challenges. Robert Jung, Managing Director DACH at Westcon, explains in which areas we need Next Generation Security and why isolated applications are not a viable option.

Across all industries and segments, companies are readily embracing the opportunities offered by the cloud - from SaaS and IaaS to PaaS models. This makes them more flexible and powerful. But as a security expert, how do you see this development?

RJ: Generally very positive. If you want to keep up with the competition, you cannot close your eyes to digitization and should explore the potential of the cloud. However, companies must be aware that the opening up of the networks will increasingly dissolve the perimeter. So companies cannot avoid adding a new generation of technologies and approaches to their traditional architectures in selected areas.

Many solutions are attaching the label "Next Generation Security" to their backs. So which areas should companies keep a close eye on?

RJ:Just over a year ago, we launched a new business unit that focuses exclusively on Next Generation Solutions (NGS). This BU is currently focusing on the areas of Zero Trust Access, Next-Gen SOC, Cloud Security & DevOps and IoT/OT. In all four of these areas, interesting new solution approaches are available that deserve the title "Next Generation" and which represent a useful addition to existing security concepts.

What specific tasks will the new BU be responsible for?

RJ: With the new BU, we are providing our reseller partners with a dedicated team of experts to support them in getting started in marketing our NGS manufacturers. For us, the focus is on the word "solutions". It's not about closing holes in the perimeter with a patchwork of next-generation products. We show partners how to combine classic and new technologies to create a convincing overall solution.

Are there other segments of IT security besides Next-Gen that are developing particularly dynamically?

RJ: Of course. A profound paradigm shift is SASE architectures - that stands for Secure Access Service Edge - a new architectural approach that shifts security to the cloud. SASE relies on strong, centralized identity management and combines powerful real-time protection with minimal administrative overhead. 

But don't retail partners for these new markets have to build up very broad and deep expertise and invest in additional personnel resources?

RJ: Not necessarily. As a value-added distributor, we can certainly step into the breach if necessary. If one of our partners acquires a demanding next-gen or SASE project, but has little experience in the cloud environment himself, we are happy to provide our experts to support him. In this way, the partner can elegantly bridge certification gaps and learn on-the-fly from our experts.

And if projects go beyond the security business?

RJ: For cross-departmental projects we bring the network experts from Comstor and our colleagues from our collaboration unit on board. If all these units bring their know-how into play, we can help partners with all questions.

In which areas Westcon supports the partners?

RJ:As a value-added distributor, we support our partners in all phases of their projects, from presales consulting to the implementation phase and post-sales support. The service portfolio ranges from professional services to managed services and financing services.