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ACME and automated certificate management in companies

ACME has established itself as a protocol for easy and automated issuance of digital certificates/TLS. However, in corporate world, challenges wait to be solved.

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The larger the number of digital certificates in a company, the higher the associated administrative costs. Uncontrolled processes and responsibilities increase the risk of unintentionally expiring certificates, which can result in operational malfunctions and entire system failures. The growing number of certificates with ever shorter validity periods requires management solutions and automation.

For secure data transmission, digital certificates in combination with TLS have become established. For the simple and fully automated issuing of TLS-Zertifikaten, ACME in connection with Zertifizierungsstelle Let's Encrypt, among others, has established itself.

However, various challenges and requirements for IT security and cryptography are waiting in the corporate context. 

In our white paper you will learn how to maintain an enterprise-wide overview of all digital certificates and how to use ACME in compliance and for ordering certificates beyond domain validation.  

English version available upon direct request. Further information is also available at xc.essendi.de.


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