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NTS Threat Detection Service SIEM

Quickly identify security threats in real-time? NTS gives an insight into the new all-round carefree package NTS Threat Detection Service | SIEM.

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With NTS Threat Detection Service| SIEM NTS offers an all-round carefree package as Managed Service Security. NTS provides all the necessary components, from the hardware to the necessary licenses to the service, in accordance with the motto "Relax, We Care". The basis is the NTS Defense Platform with which necessary extensions can be flexibly implemented without great effort. In order to identify the greatest threat scenarios, up to 15 SIEM Use Cases are implemented at the beginning of the service. A specially trained NTS DEFENSE team analyses all suspicious events and informs NTS customers only in case of a serious threat. In order to keep the attack surface consistently at a low level, there is the possibility of a demand-oriented extension of these Security Use Cases. For the collection, storage and management of log data we rely on Splunk as market leader. Due to the open solution, the collected data can also be used for other applications beyond IT security (e.g. mapping of IT operations or analytics activities).

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