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Performance and possible Arrangements of Penetration Tests

In the whitepaper the SySS presents all test modules for penetration tests in detail and managing director Sebastian Schreiber gives valuable tips.

Sebastian Schreiber
Sebastian Schreiber
Gründer und Geschäftsführer SySS GmbH

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The SySS Whitepaper "Planning and Execution of Penetration Tests" introduces the penetration test and its design options. It discusses questions regarding the test object and test coverage, test depth and frequency, as well as test models and perspectives.

All test modules are described in detail. From IP-RANGE to WEBAPP and WEBSERVICE to LAN, TARGET, WLAN and MOBILE; from hardware tests to Cloud Security Audits to Red Teaming Assessments: All offered modules are explained under the aspects of "initial situation", "objective" and "execution", the customer's involvement is clarified and Managing Director Sebastian Schreiber gives valuable tips.

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