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Avoiding the 5 most common data security problems

Read the white paper to learn how to avoid common causes of security breaches in increasingly decentralized and complex IT environments.

Data security requires the highest priority in companies - for good reason.

Especially when the IT environment becomes more and more decentralized and complex, it is important to understand that many security breaches are avoidable. While security risks and objectives can vary widely from company to company, companies often make the same common mistakes when tackling data security. In addition, many company executives often accept these mistakes as normal business practice.

There are many internal and external factors that can facilitate successful cyber attacks:- Shifting network boundaries
  • Larger attack surfaces through more complex IT environments
  • Increasing demands on security procedures through the use of cloud services
  • Increasingly sophisticated procedures of cyber criminals
  • Continuing shortage of skilled workers in the field of cyber security
  • Lack of employee awareness of data security risks

Learn more in the whitepaper about the five most common problems regarding data security in companies and how to avoid them.

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