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Secure cloud-based network infrastructure - secure data

Secure cloud-based network infrastructure solutions - the basis for digital transformation - offer maximum flexibility, security, efficiency and user experience.

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Currently, the impetus that drives the digital transformation is stronger than ever. The network infrastructure in particular must be measured against new challenges almost daily. For people around the world, everyday life - both professionally and privately - takes place largely online: Working, communicating, shopping. Home office and remote work, countless video and audio conferences increase data traffic. Even schoolchildren are (temporarily) in home schooling. Companies and organizations must therefore deal with new possibilities and network technologies. For example, the retail industry is taking advantage of innovations, enabling online ordering, virtual changing rooms and adapting supply chains to meet new customer expectations. Digital learning and telemedicine are urgently needed. A cloud-based network infrastructure enables companies and organizations to adapt the network quickly and with minimal impact on resources, increasing flexibility and control and reducing costs - while ensuring security and reliability. 


The advantages at a glance:


Global data centers - in the USA and Europe - handle licensing and authentication processes. User accounts, which are subject to European data protection regulations, are stored exclusively in Europe. 
The configured devices are connected to the regional data center, data is processed and stored here. To comply with regional regulations, they are located at 16 sites worldwide - including Frankfurt a.M. - and are hosted via Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Microsoft Azure. 

Backups are created daily and stored for 90 days, even nationwide. For data hosted in Frankfurt, this means that a second copy of the backup is stored in the Irish data center. This means that backups are also available in the "worst case" - for example, in the event of an entire region's data center failing - and from another hosting provider. 



Communication between an access point or switch and ExtremeCloud IQ is encrypted once the device is connected. Interactions with the user interface or API are over HTTPS and are therefore encrypted. 

Privacy and security certifications
Each customer is isolated using a unique key. Data is assigned and cannot be viewed. No data is passed on internally either, for example for development purposes. ExtremeCloud IQ complies with guidelines and data protection laws worldwide. 
The solutions are continuously scanned for vulnerabilities, updates are tested in separate environments before being independently tested and integrated. 
The cloud-based solution is certified according to ISO 27001 (information security management system) and will be the only solution also certified according to ISO 27017 (cloud operation) and ISO 27701 (data protection) by the end of the year. Together with SOC2 and CSA certificates, the solutions will then have the current certifications, which focus on data protection and reliable operation of cloud services. 


Data storage 

With "Unlimited Data", the unlimited data storage, customers can determine the data runtime within the solution themselves. This enables access to historical data, long-term analysis and support through machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

These aspects contribute to the simple, secure and resource-saving management of the network infrastructure. The network and management data are redundant, available and secure at all times. This is because data security and network reliability are of paramount importance, especially in the education and healthcare sectors.