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VPN software for "VS-NfD" according to BSI guidelines

NCP's GovNet solution can be used for secure processing and transmission of classified information - for official use only (VS-NfD) and sensitive data.

itsa 365: hand touches combination lock, which then begins to glow

This year, Corona has driven forward the topic of home offices and digitization strategies, especially in the public sector. Especially public authorities, offices and companies that are subject to secrecy protection transfer sensitive data with highly sensitive information of citizens or highly sensitive projects during daily communication. 

For the secure communication of "classified information - for official use only" (VS-NfD), the security of all hardware and software components used plays a particularly important role. This also applies to the VPN solution used for home offices, which must comply with the recommendations and specifications of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). 

Government officials, administrative staff and employees must be able to access the network resources and data provided for them quickly and easily, but above all securely. As a software client, the NCP VS GovNet Connector has a BSI approval recommendation, the NCP Secure VPN GovNet Server has a BSI approval. Both software components can be used in a network for secure processing and transmission of VS-NfD.

itsa 365: file window connection is establishedThe NCP VS GovNet Connector has a release recommendation of the BSI.
itsa 365: File window of the Server Manager

The NCP Secure VPN GovNet Server has a BSI approval.

In combination with NCP Secure Enterprise Management (SEM), users profit from the advantages of central administration. The use according to VS-NfD is possible in coordination with the BSI.

Due to the support of standard interfaces, the combination with further authentication hardware (e.g. SmartCard reader) or software (e.g. hard disk encryption) approved by the BSI is possible without any problems. Also supported is the verification of the signature according to the principle of elliptic curves (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) as required by the BSI.

Users can access the central data network with Windows computers from any location worldwide. With Seamless Roaming, the NCP VS GovNet Connector supports automatic switching to the best available connection medium - ideal for Always On operation. Together with the NCP Secure VPN GovNet Server as remote station, an application session is maintained even during a media change or a short interruption.

The Custom Branding Option allows the insertion of an image or logo into the user interface of the VPN Client. This also increases the recognition effect that the client is the officially provided client of an authority or company.
itsa 365: Graphic for release recommendation and approval by BSIWith NCP Secure Enterprise Management, users can administer centrally.
IT-Security Made in Germany for the Public Sector
NCP also follows the motto "IT security made in Germany" as a quality standard and relies on the latest technologies and standards for encryption (ECC) as well as strong authentication. Practical features such as secure hot spot login, VPN Path Finder Technology (Fallback IPsec/HTTPS) and functions within the scope of Network Access Control (Endpoint Policy) enable secure and at the same time trouble-free working from home or on the road. 
The NCP SEM automates and simplifies numerous administrative processes, such as fast rollout, centralized rights and configuration management, and easy implementation of policy changes. Through the support of the Quality of Service function, bandwidth is reserved for configured applications, such as VoIP. The prioritization of selected data sources on the user PC is done for data transport in the VPN tunnel in the sending direction. For the user in the home office, this results in undisturbed VoIP communication through the VPN tunnel even with high data traffic.

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