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Why Seconds Matter - Preventing unknown threats with inline machine learning

With inline ML powered by intelligence from our WildFire and URL Filtering services, the time from visibility to prevention of unknown network traffic becomes effectively zero.

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Millions of new cyberthreats are created every year, with organizations racing to stop them. In 2019 alone, more than 140 million new malware samples were identified, and thousands of new malicious websites and domains were generated daily. After an initial infection, modern malware can infect thousands more systems within seconds, well before protective measures can be developed and extended across an organization. How can organizations face the challenge of protecting their networks without making more work for their security teams or slowing down productivity? Take advantage of our cloud-delivered security subscriptions – and make sure you get your copy of “Why Seconds Matter.” 

You’ll learn how:

  • Most traditional methods fail to prevent net-new attacks 
  • Inline ML-based enforcement addresses most new file- and web-based threats
  • Natively integrated security subscriptions offer protection across all attack vectors 

Read the brief for details on how our industry-changing ML-Powered NGFWs provide inline machine learning to block both known and unknown file- and web-based threats.



  • Why Seconds Matter

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