it-sa Expo&Congress 2023 | Play hard. - Protect smart.

Protect your business from cyber attacks! 

In the end, the smartest strategy decides the victory - on the court and in cyber security. 


The cybercrime threat is real 

More than ever, companies, government agencies and other institutions are being targeted by hackers: over 200 billion euros in damage is caused by theft, industrial espionage and sabotage, in Germany alone. Alarmingly, 9 out of 10 companies fall victim. (Bitkom, 2022)


Find support at it-sa Expo&Congress 

At it-sa Expo&Congress, you can learn how to develop the ideal security strategy for your company and find the optimal solutions for your IT security needs. Exchange ideas with other experts in person and find answers to your IT security questions. 
Together against cybercrime - from October 10-12 at it-sa Expo&Congress 2023 in Nuremberg! Will you be there? 

it-sa Expo&Congress 2023 | Play hard.

IT Security - it’s a hard game

Play hard - IT security managers are constantly under pressure:

Deceptive phishing campaigns, ransomware extortion, and the threat of attacks due to state conflicts are just the tip. As an IT security professional, you face a mountain of challenges. Increasing connectivity, more and more vulnerabilities in software products and the human element as a risk drive the stress level up.  

As a decision-maker, you are also challenged: Worst-case scenarios such as production downtime or data leakage and loss of reputation for your company are more serious today than ever before. Add to that liability risks that you want to control. 

Cyber threats remain the biggest concern for businesses in 2023. 

it-sa Expo&Congress 2023 | Protect smart.

Protect smart @ it-sa Expo&Congress

Smart solutions are essential to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

Find out how to protect your company with the latest products and just the right solutions at it-sa Expo&Congress from October 10-12. 

The full range of current IT security solutions, service and consulting as well as representatives from science and research await you in the Exhibition Center Nuremberg. Parallel to the trade fair, you will deepen your specialist knowledge at Congress@it-sa and make new contacts with experts. They will support you in protecting your business.
Get in touch with other IT security experts at Europe's largest trade fair for IT and cyber security! Because teamwork is the key to success in a game of hardball.
Will you be there?


All important information about the fair 

Plan your visit to the trade fair and find out everything you need to know about it-sa Expo&Congress 2023!

it-sa Expo&Congress | Preview Day


26 September 2023


With the Digital Preview Day, we offer the community an opportunity to inform themselves digitally and interactively about the upcoming trade show. We provide tips & tricks for the optimal preparation of the trade show visit, selected exhibitors present their highlights of the it-sa Expo&Congress and in the it-sa insights presentations you will receive important information on the current state of IT security.

Find out in advance about the most important trends and highlights!

Participation is free of charge for registered users of it-sa 365.
it-sa Expo&Congress 2023 visit


Plan your visit to the trade fair from 10 to 12 October now and find out everything you need to know about it-sa 2023!

  • Opening hours it-sa Expo&Congress
  • Exhibitors, Products & Solutions
  • Floor Plan & Forum Placement
  • Travel & Accommodation
  • Contact & Visitor Service

We have summarised everything worth knowing about it-sa 2023 for you here. 

We look forward to welcoming you in Nuremberg!

it-sa Expo&Congress 2023 | Supporting programme


A unique range of information awaits you during it-sa Expo&Congress 2023 from 10 to 12 October.
With the it-sa Digital Preview Day, you can get in the perfect mood for it-sa and find out about the upcoming trade fair digitally and interactively. 
The freely accessible lecture programme with expert contributions on current security topics from the fields of technology and management and the product-neutral contributions and discussion panels from the it-sa insights series bring the latest industry expertise to Nuremberg.

In addition, the congress programme Congress@it-sa, organised in cooperation with renowned associations and organisations, offers an intensive exchange on current topics in IT security and will already start on 9 October 2023.
And via the hybrid Expo channel it-sa@home you can experience selected highlights digitally from the (home) office.

Be there and benefit from the latest IT security knowledge.

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it-sa Expo&Congress, Hacking & Defence

Hacking & Defence

Protection and security in the digital age

Learn how to protect your systems, minimise security risks and best arm yourself against cyber threats in the digital world.

Discover our ultimate guide to the following topics:

  • IT Security Gaps  – gateways for hackers
  • Expert knowledge in lecture form on the topic of "Hacking & Defence"
  • The most common hacking methods
  • IT Security Update – "Hacked with luck"
  • How to protect yourself from cyberattacks?
  • Top tools & providers for hacking attacks

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