What are the advantages of registration?

As an unregistered / logged in user I can see a lot of information: Professional articles (under Knowledge), company profiles (under Company) and product profiles (under Products & Solutions). You can also view the descriptions of the so-called actions (keynotes, webinars, discussion groups). However, it is not possible to register/participate in an action. The following contents / functions can only be used with a registration (and logged in):
  • People (under Networking)
  • Making appointments with other users
  • Registration and participation in an action (The registration is free of charge.)

I did not receive a confirmation-email (double opt-in) or a passwort-reset-email. What can I do?

  • Please check the email address you provided.
  • Did you check your spam folder?

I still do not receive my confirmation- or password-reset-email

  • If you are using an adblocker (uBlock or similar), turn it off for the registration and password reset process and run the process again.
  • Adblockers block an important component that prevents you from completing the registration process.

The link in my confirmation email does not work.

  • The confirmation link will expire after 30 minutes.
  • Please contact info@itsa365.de after this time.

My company has a company profile. How can I be assigned to the company?

  • The assignment is done automatically via the domain of the specified e-mail address.
  • For example: max.mustermann@nuernbergmesse.de.
  • If NürnbergMesse has a company profile, Max Mustermann is assigned.
  • He can then be found in the company profile (under Companies) in the "Employees" section.

How can I log in?

  • If you have successfully completed the double opt-in, you can log in directly via the login area (top right bar, the person icon).
  • Please use the password you entered during registration. 

How do I know that I am logged in?

  • You will see a green check mark on the profile icon.  

I entered an incorrect e-mail address during registration. What can I do?

  • Please register again with the correct e-mail address.
  • If the double-opt-in for the wrong e-mail address has not yet been confirmed, no personal profile has been created for you.

My personal area

How can I change my data?

  • To change data you have to be logged in. 
  • Then go to your personal profile (via the profile icon on the top right) and select "Edit profile".  
  • Here you can change, complete or delete your data. 

How can I delete my profile?

  • To delete your profile, please write an appropriate e-mail to info@itsa365.de.
  • We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

My Actions

  • Under the heading "My Actions" you will find the actions (keynotes, product presentations, webinars, etc.) for which you are already registered.
  • It is not yet possible to unsubscribe in the current version.
  • To participate, simply click on "Participate" on the respective action description page.
  • Please also refer to the FAQs on participating in Actions.

My appointment calendar

  • When you register, a free calendar is automatically created for you.
  • Under the heading "My personal calendar" you will find all your appointments (requested, confirmed, own appointment blockers).
  • Please also note the FAQs on making appointments / getting in touch.
  • Appointment blockers and appointments with other users can only be set from Mon-Fri between 8:00 and 18:00.
  • With your registration your calendar is 'free' for the time being.
  • If you do not want to receive appointments via it-sa 365 on certain days/times, please enter corresponding appointment blockers in your calendar.
  • You can find more information under "How can I set an appointment block".
  • Only the appointments that take place in the selected period will be displayed in your personal calendar. You make the selection via the date display.

I do not want to be contacted. How can I set this?

  • Go to "My personal calendar" and select "New appointment".
  • There you enter a serial appointment to block your entire calendar.
  • With "Set appointment" you confirm the entry.
  • From now on, no one can select free slots from your calendar and thus you can no longer be contacted.

Make an appointment / get in contact

How can I make an appointment with another user?

  • Making an appointment with another user requires registration. 
  • As a registered user, you have the option of contacting another person directly at various points on the platform.
  • To make an appointment with another person, go to the person's profile and click on the "Make appointment" button. This is located at the top right of the respective profile.
  • Via "Make appointment" you can choose from the free appointment slots of the person. You enter the following data when requesting an appointment: Title, date and duration (15 minute steps).
  • The free appointment slots of the person with whom you wish to make an appointment that are available in the desired time period with the desired duration will be suggested to you.  
  • Choose an appointment proposal and click on it.  Please indicate whether you would like to exchange information via chat or video call during the selected period (this can also be changed spontaneously during the appointment).
  • Enter a short description of what you would like to talk about with the other person.
  • Then click "Request appointment".
  • The appointment will now appear in your personal calendar on the platform "subject to change".   

How can I create an appointment pad for myself?

  • For time periods in which you do not want to be contacted, you have the option to block time slots so that other users cannot send appointment requests at this time.
  • To do this, go to "My personal calendar" and click on "Set new appointment block".
  • Please enter the following content: Date, duration of the appointment, title, description and if necessary how often your appointment should take place daily (repeat series).
  • Click on "Create appointment". 

How will my appointment be confirmed? How can I confirm an appointment?

  • Once the other person confirms your appointment request, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to your chat/video call room.
  • In addition, your appointment will be displayed in your personal calendar as "Booked" and will now no longer be available for appointment requests from other users of the platform. 

How can I attend an appointment?

  • At the agreed time, click on "Join online room" via your calendar or via your confirmation email. Now you can talk to the selected person.
  • If you want to talk to your conversation partner for longer than the specified time, this is possible without further ado. The digital room will only be closed when you leave it. 

How can I cancel an appointment I have already made?

  • To cancel an appointment, please log in to the platform, go to your personal profile and select (via Profile FlyOut) "My personal calendar". 
  • Click on the appointment in your calendar that you want to cancel. The appointment will open. Click on "Cancel appointment". 
  • You and, if applicable, your call partner receive a confirmation by e-mail that the appointment has been canceled.
  • The canceled appointment disappears from your calendar.

How can I change an appointment?

  • You cannot change an appointment with another person. Here you have to proceed as follows:
  • Cancel the corresponding appointment as described under 'Cancel appointment'.
  • Go to the profile of the person you want to talk to and suggest a new appointment. 
  • To do this, proceed as described under 'Make appointment'.


How can I send a message to another user?

  • The "Send a message" feature requires you to be registered on the platform. 
  • As a registered user, you can then send a personal message to another registered user of the platform.
  • To send a message, you can find the person you want to write to in the 'Networking' area when logged in. Go to that person's profile and click on the 'Send a Message' button. Then you can type in the message and send it.
  • In your personal profile under 'My Messages' you can view all messages sent and the history. You can also reply to messages there.
  • As a registered user, you will receive an e-mail notification once a day if there is a new message. Of course, this message will only be sent if a new message has been received. 
  • The messages can be sent with or without a subject (1000 characters, plain text).


How can I save individual contents of the platform for quick access?

  • All Actions, Products & Solutions, personal contacts, companies or articles are marked with a "Remember me" star on the right-hand side of the screen and can be added to your personal bookmark list. 
  • Your watch list with the saved data can then be found in your personal area under "My Bookmarks".
  • The bookmark button is only visible when you are logged in. This requires that you have previously registered on the platform.
  • Of course, you can also remove bookmarked content from your bookmark list.

Cookie guidelines / Cookie Consent Tool

  • On your first visit to itsa365, you will be asked for consent for certain cookies & data. You can adjust this according to your wishes. 
  • The selected settings can of course be viewed at any time and changed if necessary. To do this, click on the wheel at the bottom left of the page. 

Participation in Action

How can I register for an action?

  • The registration to an action requires the registration. As a logged-in user, you will see the "I'm in" button on the action details page. 
  • After clicking on this button, you will receive the message "You are registered" and the action will be added to your personal area under "My Actions". 
  • In addition, you will receive an email with the calendar entry and the link to participate. 

How does the participation work?

  • For the actions we use Cisco Webex.
  • You can either join using the link in your e-mail OR via the Personal Area under the "My Actions" section.
  • Follow the instructions of the program there.
  • For detailed instructions see: help.webex.com
  • If you have any questions, you can ask them to the moderator either through the chat, or through the "Questions & Answers" feature.

Playing an action as video

Shortly after an action, this is available as a video on it-sa 365. Only registered and logged-in users can watch an action as video afterwards. Please check your cookie settings in advance:
  • Click on the cookie icon (wheel) at the bottom left
  • Then scroll down the list of providers to Vimeo and YouTube
  • Enable cookies for Vimeo and YouTube
  • Click on "Save + Exit"