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Managed Security Service - from the designer and not off the peg

IT security is not a state, but an ongoing process: Who takes care of it?

Friedrich Taatz
Friedrich Taatz
stellv. Vertriebsleiter ESC - Enterprise Security Center GmbH

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How does ESC define itself as a special service provider for IT security?

The trend towards "plug and play" has been on the rise in IT security for years. In this respect it is only logical that many companies take the promises of the manufacturers at their word and use products from the shelf. This corresponds to the knitting pattern of common IT projects: Boxes are sold, systems are installed and once they are running, they should not be changed. Updates come automatically anyway. However, IT security is not a state, but an ongoing process: Who takes care of it? Who adapts the configuration to daily business? Who analyses the log files? The in-house administrators are often busy with user support. The local system house is rarely equipped for daily maintenance and certainly not for a quick reaction in case of errors. This gap is filled by a special service provider for IT security like ESC.

How can one imagine the central service offer?

Continuous monitoring is one of the key functions of our service. All relevant security systems are monitored around the clock from our headquarters, the ESC Security Operation Center - SOC for short - which has multiple redundancies. In the event of errors or warnings, our experts can immediately initiate suitable measures themselves or coordinate them with the customer in accordance with the service level agreements. Our customers can view the current monitoring with supplementary values and comments as well as the short and long-term statistics of all measured variables as progress graphs via a secure web interface. The ticket system ensures that the messages from the monitoring as well as customer requests and planned maintenance are always reliably processed within the agreed service levels and that the customer automatically receives status messages. Via a secure web interface, customers can also track all current activities of our experts and get information about completed processes. This creates trust and enables transparent billing.
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What are the strengths of ESC?

Less is more. This is especially true in the agile world of IT security. We don't want to shine with the breadth of our offer, but with the technical competence of our experts, which reaches down to the last bit of every system we support. The manufacturer Check Point stands out in particular: ESC is a 4-star partner, Managed Service Provider, Collaborative Certified Support Provider, CloudGuard Partner and Certified Professional Services Partner. In this combination, only very few service providers achieve this. In addition, we prove our general competence, in the form of an impeccable Information Security Management System (ISMS) and extensive internal documentation, through ESC's complete certification according to ISO 9001 and 27001. 

Managed Security Services are an essential component to keep IT security technically on a defined security level.