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it-sa 365: Header Desktop SoSafe
  • Management lecture
  • Management I
  • Awareness / Phishing / Fraud
  • Data protection / GDPR

Virus+Virus? The Human Factor in the Corona Crisis

An increased number of cyber attacks and the switch to home office
pose massive challenges - what is important in the "New Normal"?

10/6/2020 12:30:00 PM – 10/6/2020 12:45:00 PM
it-sa 365: Header Desktop SoSafe
  • Management lecture
  • Management I

An increased number of cyber attacks and the switch to home office
pose massive challenges - what is important in the "New Normal"?

Language: German

Questions and Answers: Yes

grafischer Background

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Action description

The current crisis around COVID-19 was quickly exploited by cyber criminals for attacks on companies. In a general climate of uncertainty and fear, these attacks have often been aimed at employees. The European Cyber Security Agency ENISA reported an increase of 600% in phishing emails in the first weeks after the outbreak of the virus.
Interpol, amongst others, anticipates a further aggravation of cyber threats, especially in the area of critical infrastructure. At the same time and as a result of the situation, many companies were forced to rapidly digitalize their processes and introduce new tools at a moment’s notice - with implications for IT security. Data and information must now also be securely processed in the home office and new types of remote tools are being used by many employees for the first time while it is precisely these collaboration tools, such as video conferencing software or messenger programs, that the attackers focus on.
With reference to latest statistics and findings as well as experiences from social engineering prevention and awareness building, the keynote "Virus+virus? The human factor in the corona crisis" is dedicated to this topic. Dr. Niklas Hellemann, trained psychologist and managing director at SoSafe, will discuss the challenges in the field of cyber security that companies have been confronted with in the course of the corona crisis and will continue to be confronted with in the future. A special focus is on the function of humans as a security-relevant factor as well as on social engineering attacks that have been used to exploit people's fear and need for protection through psychological manipulation. In addition, the talk will address what companies can now do to ensure an adequate level of cyber
security even in "remote work mode".
- What new challenges with regard to IT security in companies are brought about by the corona crisis and the "New Normal"? What role does the human element have in this context?
- Which COVID-19 related psychological tactics did hackers use?
- How can companies ensure that employees behave in the home office in such a way that data and systems are not at risk?
- Why is it worthwhile to sensitize employees for IT security and security risks and what should training look like in view of findings from learning psychology?

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