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it-sa Digital Preview Day
Preview Day Stream I

Why You're Still Experiencing Cybersecurity Attacks: A Deep Dive

Learn why traditional cybersecurity fails and how to fix it. Deep dive into vulnerabilities and solutions.

calendar_today Tue, 26.09.2023, 11:45 - 12:15

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Awareness / Phishing / Fraud Cloud Security

Key Facts

  • Traditional detection-based security tools have limitations
  • A cloud-based "air-gap" can isolate users and their browsers
  • Air-gapping can offer a more robust zero-trust model


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Action Video

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Action description

In an era where cybersecurity attacks are becoming both more frequent and increasingly sophisticated, enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges in combating ransomware demands and data exfiltration. Astonishingly, 70% of these cyberattacks are executed via browsers. These attacks often leverage zero-day exploits and capitalize on human vulnerabilities, using tactics like phishing, credential theft, and malicious document distribution. This session will demonstrate why your existing security tools can't effectively detect and prevent unknown and zero-day attacks.

The session will introduce an innovative solution to this escalating problem: the Cradlepoint Cloud Security SaaS platform. By implementing a cloud-based "air-gap" approach, this platform isolates users and their browsers from internet and SaaS application access. This effectively prevents potential attacks from ever reaching user devices and your networks, virtually eliminating 70% of cyberattacks.

Furthermore, the talk will explore how this air-gapping and isolation principle also meets the growing demand for secure access by third-party business partners, customers, and contractors. Currently, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) approaches expose you to further attacks if a third-party device becomes compromised. Join us to learn about this transformative approach to enterprise cybersecurity.

Join this session to deepen your understanding on the following topics:
⚬ How can we remove users and web browsers from being the first line of defense in an organization's security strategy?
⚬ Why current detection-based security tools are inadequate in preventing unknown and zero-day exploits.
⚬ The differences between signature detection and prevention security models.
⚬ Why phishing attacks, credential theft, and malicious documents often go undetected.
⚬ The true meaning of Zero-Trust in the context of IT security.
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Language: English

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