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Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the leading global provider of technology for the Internet


  • Mobile device management
  • Threat analysis
  • Cyber-physical systems security
  • Email security solutions
  • Firewalls
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About us


Cisco is a successful provider for decades and expert for integrated IT security solutions.
In 2018, Cisco blocked 20 billion Cyber Threats - per day. Thereby it builds on a extensive experience with internal networks.
Cisco protects 122,000 internal and external employees, the own network with more than 40,000 routers, 26,000 office connections, 2,500 IT applications, 1,350 test laboratories and 500 cloud computing
Applications in 170 countries. The holistic Security approach is based on three areas:

The Security & Trust Office (STO) Germany is part the worldwide Security & Trust Organization, in which has more than 650 employees. It underlines
Cisco's ongoing commitment to cyber security.
The STO Germany serves as the central Contact point for customers to clarify strategic requirements in cybersecurity, data protection or data security.
It also supports the Cisco Networking Academy in the process of developing training and education materials to develop the topic of cybersecurity.
The Intuitive Network leaves the vision of a network, that anticipates and automates actions, security threats and is able to defend itself through learning processes
independent further developed, become true. The new Network builds on the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) and offers software and hardware with new
Technologies and Services. Cisco is thus changing the Basis for networks from a hardware-centered to a software-driven approach. How to profit
Customers of significantly higher security, agility, productivity and performance.
The Cisco Talos Intelligence Group is one of the world largest commercial threat analysis teams with first-class researchers, analysts and developers. It is supported by leading telemetry and
intelligent systems to achieve accurate, fast and accurate and actionable safety-related information for customers, products and services of Cisco to create. Talos protects them from known and new
threats and discovers new vulnerabilities

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