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Lansweeper of the it-sa 365
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Hall 7A - Booth Number 7A-403


Access complete and granular visibility with risk and vulnerability insights across your IT, OT, and IoT estate – in minutes.

About us






We offer

  • Vulnerability and patch management
  • IT service management
  • Big data Security
  • Asset management / IT documentation


  • Industrial IT security

About us

In 2022, global cyberattacks increased by a terrifying 38% compared to 2021, and 83% of organizations had more than one data breach. With increasing volumes of data being produced and stored every day, and connectivity expanding globally, the attack surface has become larger and more exploitable. Gaps and vulnerabilities leave room for cybercriminals and hackers to infiltrate networks and wreak havoc, costing businesses billions annually.


To combat these threats, visibility across the rapidly growing technology estate is essential – and the first step to protecting your hardware and software technology assets is knowing what you have. In other words, a solid cybersecurity strategy is built on a reliable IT discovery and inventory process. Only with this information can you adequately prepare your environment to ward off attacks.


Lansweeper is the market’s leading IT asset management and network inventory solution, designed to help organizations manage and monitor their technology infrastructure efficiently. It provides a centralized platform for discovering, tracking, and managing hardware and software assets across the entire technology estate.



Lansweeper's key capabilities include:


  • Deep Scanning Engine: Lansweeper’s deep scanning engine automatically scans the entire network to detect every hardware and software asset on the network in minutes, including IT, OT, IoT, cloud and virtual assets – even rogue devices that only connect briefly. It creates an always-accurate comprehensive technology asset inventory that acts as a single source of truth for IT data. You can configure the solution to scan by IP range, set critical servers to be scanned, or use active scanning and integrate Active Directory.


  • Credential-free Device Recognition (CDR): Lansweeper’s CDR technology detects and recognizes every device on the network — even non-scannable devices — without the need for credentials or complex configurations. The platform applies machine learning techniques and big data to network fingerprinting, to enrich IT asset data with information about manufacturers, models, users, operating systems and more, delivering unmatched inventory accuracy across the entire IT estate.


  • Seamless integrations: Organizations can use Lansweeper to enrich incident alerts from SIEM/SOAR solutions with relevant IT asset data. Lansweeper integrates seamlessly with leading security solutions such as Splunk, Palo Alto Cortex XSOAR, MSFT sentinel, IBM QRadar, ArcusTeam and more, unlocking enriched IT asset data and making it instantly accessible from within these tools for a variety of IT use cases. This not only makes them more effective and useful, it eliminates data silos and the operational overhead associated with chasing down information and toggling between tools to investigate and resolve security incidents.


  • Lansweeper Cloud: Our cloud solution federates data from all local Lansweeper discovery instances into a single source of truth. Global organizations can connect multiple, geographically distributed office locations – no matter how far apart – and gain deep insights into the entire IT environment from a single site.



Lansweeper strengthens an organization’s security posture by arming IT teams with the information they need to:


  • Identify vulnerabilities and apply patches and updates, to ensure security and data protection, and keep your infrastructure operating optimally.
  • Monitor the expiration of contracts, software licenses and hardware maintenance, enabling a proactive approach to data protection and management.
  • Quickly determine what devices and users are impacted by downtime or an attack.
  • Isolate and shut down impacted devices in minutes, to minimize damages.
  • Benefit from powerful data reports, insights, diagrams and more.
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