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Hybrid Identity Management


Firewalls Denial of service protection Computer emergency response team (CERT) Compliance / GRC (products and services) Business continuity Threat analysis Backup solutions APT protection High availability Anti-eavesdropping solutions

Key Facts

  • Streamlined Authentication for Enhanced Security and User Experience- we simplify the authentication process effortlessly. Ensuring not only robust security but also an exceptional user experience.
  • Hassle-free Management- unified and consistent security environment effortlessly. Our tools expertly map out and reconcile policies, making it hassle-free to maintain a secure hybrid identity infrastructure.
  • Optimised Identity Governance- experience the power of automation in identity governance and administration. We optimise user provisioning and de-provisioning processes, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access.

Product Description

Navigating the Complex Landscape of Hybrid Identity: Three Key Challenges Your Organization Should Not Ignore

In today's diversified IT environment, businesses are often a blend of traditional on-premises infrastructure and modern cloud-based services. This amalgamation, termed as "Hybrid Identity," offers flexibility but comes with its unique set of challenges. Organizations seeking to harness the power of hybrid identity must first tackle some critical obstacles. Below, we delve into the three key challenges that can make or break your hybrid identity strategy.

  • With disparate systems in place—some on the cloud and some on-premises—managing multiple authentication methods becomes a Herculean task. Each system might have its own set of requirements, complicating the authentication process and making it prone to errors or vulnerabilities.
  • When you have a mixed environment, it’s all too easy to end up with inconsistent security policies. An access rule that applies to cloud services may not be mirrored in on-premises solutions, creating loopholes for unauthorized access.
  • With various systems in place, onboarding and offboarding users becomes a complicated task. Ineffective de-provisioning of users can result in what's called "orphan accounts," which remain active and become potential entry points for attackers.

In summary, hybrid identity offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability but navigating its challenges requires a focused approach. Addressing these three key issues is fundamental to creating a hybrid identity strategy that is both efficient and secure. Are you prepared to tackle these challenges head-on?

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