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Software | real flat | phishing tool |


Threat analysis

Key Facts

  • phishing flatrate
  • phishing tool
  • All-you-need-service

Product Description

  • phishing tool
  • 1,900 euros/year - serve as many customers as you like!
  • Would you like a comprehensive and effective tool to check awareness of social engineering attacks in companies? Outstanding usability, comprehensive and constantly updated campaigns, dark web scanner, reporting, ... look for yourself:
  • simulation: personalized and generic phishing emails, similar to those sent by cybercriminals. #real
  • landingpage(s) measures the number of clicks on a potentially malicious link or file #measurable
  • reporting: data protection-compliant, detailed report on the entire campaign. Meaningful data regarding click-through rates and who entered credentials.
  • landing pages again: ready-made landing pages are available and you can also create your own landing pages to inform those affected directly about the campaign or even to train them.
  • campaigns: Access 30 proven campaign templates so you can get started right away. Every six months we expand the templates with new phishing campaigns based on current phishing challenges.
  • campaign editor: plan and create even more customized phishing campaigns for your customers with the intuitive campaign editor.
  • Darkweb - Scan: Do you like a Darkweb Scanner that automatically searches whether the e-mail address can be found in security incidents (breaches) in the Darknet? Search for connection to a cyber attack or data breach. In this way, security gaps are identified, if necessary, can be closed and measures can be taken quickly to increase cyber security and counteract potential threats.
  • Automation: should it be automated scans? Please. The scan can run automatically. The intervals for this can be defined personally and the reports generated accordingly.
  • Reports: The software creates a data protection-compliant, detailed and individualized report on the entire scan. Meaningful data regarding new and old search results are shown.
  • Improves the IT security situation: based on the results of the Darkwebscan, the tool issues specific recommendations for improving the IT security situation for companies.
  • Detects Cyber ​​Attacks: Darkwebscan helps organizations quickly detect cyber attacks and data breaches by looking for stolen data on illegal dark web marketplaces.
  • Identifies Vulnerabilities: By conducting regular darkwebscans, security gaps and vulnerabilities in an organization's network or systems can be identified before they can be exploited by attackers.
  • Protects Company Reputation: S&A Darkwebdcan helps ensure that confidential or sensitive information that has been stolen is not published on the Dark Web, thereby damaging a company's reputation.
  • Compliance: do regular monitoring and control measures have to be carried out? The S&A Darkweb Scanner helps meet these requirements.
  • Cyber​​security: The darkwebscan provides information about new threats and attack methods. From this, the cybersecurity strategy and the technological status quo of the company can be optimized.
  • Marketing documents: Get your customers' requests for the tool! The phishing flat includes flyer templates, DIN A5 postcard templates, a ready-made press text for your regional newspaper, e-mail binders for your e-mail signature, banner and text templates for your social media presence and A4 cover letters for letters included.
  • Sales: selling made easy. Offertexts, sales examples, pricelists for end customers and ready-made contract templates incl.Training: Introductory video, starter - PDF instructions, short videos
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