We are pleased that you are part of the it-sa 365 community. We are here for you 365 days a year. And that already starts here with tips and tricks. Be it on how to set up your profile optimally or how to use our industry platform efficiently.

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We are pleased that you are part of the it-sa 365 community. We are here for you 365 days a year. And that already starts here with tips and tricks. Be it on how to set up your profile optimally or how to use our industry platform efficiently.


You've come to the right place

it-sa 365 offers you an up-to-date market overview

365 days a year - around the clock. Here you will find the right solution for your individual challenge. In addition, you can expand your knowledge of IT security with the help of it-sa 365. For example, watch the video recordings of actions that have already taken place. You can also benefit from the know-how of the IT security experts: You will find a contact person for all products and solutions, whitepapers or specialist articles from the providers, whom you can contact personally. Use the networking area.


You look good!

We will be happy to give you a few more tips on how you can optimise your profile and quickly find what you are looking for - and be found.

Your company is not yet on the platform and you would like to change that? 

If you are here independently of a company profile, then you are exactly on the right page.

Would you like to be found and contacted by other experts? No problem. Therefore, please do not use fantasy names and state your correct position for your companies.

Fast and effecitve

Using the filters

To find exactly what you are looking for, use the filter options on the different pages. For example, you can filter thematically by action stream, product categories, interests, company type or article type. You can also choose to have the content displayed alphabetically or chronologically.

You are not alowne here

How to find the right users

Now that you're here, you'll probably want to exchange ideas with like-minded people. Are you wondering which of the many users come from the same business sector? Or is it more important for you to find out who has set the same goals at it-sa 365 and has indicated identical interests as you?

You can find out all this in the networking area.

Screenshot of the it-sa 365 networking area

it-sa 365 – Filter user. How-to!

it-sa 365 screenshot networking filter chronologicalNetworking: sorting by latest content

And if you want to know who has just registered and whom you have therefore not yet seen, then use the chronological view.


In the user profiles you will find information about their own company. In this way, you can immediately see whether the company is also represented at it-sa 365.

If this is the case, the employees who are registered at it-sa 365 are listed on the company profile. The link is made automatically during the user registration process. Here, the domain of the specified e-mail address is compared with that of the company profile - if it is identical, the user is displayed as an employee in the company profile.

We find the right provider

Use the Companies section

Both on the market and at it-sa 365, there are so many interesting and competent companies that deal with solutions and products for more IT security. Which one could fit your specific needs? The best way to find out is to narrow down your search in the Companies area.

You will also find the exhibitors of the upcoming it-sa Expo and Congress marked here.

Screenshot of the it-sa 365 companies area

it-sa 365 – Filter companies. How-to!

it-sa 365 screenshot companies filter chronologicalCompanies: Sorting by latest content
You already know most of the providers because you regularly attend it-sa 365? Perfect. Then take advantage of the opportunity to display the providers who are most recently represented on the industry platform.

This is the Solution

Products & Solutions for your challenge

You are specifically looking for a suitable product and the right solution for your individual challenge. Go directly to Products & Solutions. Use the filter options to get a suitable result more quickly.
Screenshot of the it-sa 365 products and solutions area

it-sa 365 – Filter products & solutions. How-to!

it-sa 365 screenshot products and solutions filter chronologicalProducts & Solutions: Sorting by latest content
You have already used this several times? All the better. Then why not display the latest products and solutions directly? With the label "NEW", we also draw your attention to which of the latest products and solutions is also a product novelty

24/7 IT Security know-how

Find exciting IT knowledge

There are no break times at it-sa 365. Whether industry news, whitepapers, technical contributions or interviews. You will find all this in the knowledge area. Everything from A-Z is here. Literally. Filter out what you are particularly interested in. Or sort the contents according to topicality. Just the way that suits you best.


Be active

Find the action that suits you

It's understandable that you get tired of researching and reading. Surely you also want to be actively involved in IT talks, product presentations and discussions. Find what suits you and sign up for the upcoming action.
Screenshot of the it-sa 365 ActionArea

it-sa 365 – Filter actions. How-to!

Shared knowledge is morge knowledge

Your topic and speaker request

What topics related to IT security are currently on your mind? Are there experts in the industry that you think are really good and would like to hear from? Or are you a speaker yourself and interested in sharing a topic with the it-sa 365 community?
Let us know.