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Customize your cyber security habits with Ivanti Neurons

The power of hyper-automation: proactive, predictable and continuous self-healing and self-securing of devices and self-service for end users

Successful entrepreneurs understand that security should not be a reactive endeavor, but an adaptable, constantly changing function. You can't predict every cyber security attack, but you can prepare for them. Companies should adapt to respond to the threats they face and to anticipate future threats. One way to prepare is to follow best practices for critical CIS security controls.

The first five controls are the most important:

  • Inventory and control your hardware assets.
  • Inventory and control your software assets.
  • Apply continuous vulnerability management practices.
  • Control the use of administrator rights.
  • Implement and manage the security configurations of your devices. 

In addition, it would be wise to respond sooner. Most threat vendors exploit vulnerabilities within an average of 22 days, and most exploits have a seven-year life span, according to a research study by RAND. The longer you need to patch, the greater your vulnerability. 

Adapt and take steps towards self-protection (self-securing). Ivanti helps its customers to adapt and take a self-securing stance to better understand threats. We divide our Self-Secure offering into three parts: Detection, prioritization and remediation.

  • Capturing everything that is in your environment. This includes tracking and identifying things like software and devices. This phase includes vulnerability analysis and continuous monitoring for changes.
  • Prioritization means seeing what is actively exploited and responding to risks in the right order. Algorithms that use predictive methods help to anticipate change and provide guidance on the best strategies to address challenges.
  • Remediation determines which actions will resolve the problem based on the prioritized risks. Threat assessment must adapt to environments and circumstances. The more the responses are automated, the easier it is to combat the threat actors.

Patch management expert Chris Goettl from Ivanti provides more information on these steps. 


Apply security habits

Autonomous protection is an integral part of the design of Ivanti Neurons hyper automation platform. Security plays a role in every component of this offering:

  • Ivanti Neurons for Discovery finds and inventories all IT assets in real time to improve the security level of customers.
  • Ivanti Neurons for Edge Intelligence helps to encrypt endpoints and device interrogations for real-time operational awareness.
  • Ivanti Neurons for Healing detects if endpoints and edge devices have potential security vulnerabilities so that remediation actions can be initiated automatically.

Here is an example of security in action from a manufacturing customer of Ivanti Neurons for Healing. This customer had difficulty recovering laptops from former employees. In one case, a former employee was 3,000 miles away. Typically, 30% of the assets are "phantom" assets that have been lost or have not been accounted for. These types of "phantom" assets create data and security risks. The Ivanti team helped this customer disable the accounts in question by locking down laptops and remotely rebooting computers. Within a few hours, our customer received notifications indicating that laptops had been returned to the company. Consequently, Ivanti improved the customer's overall security level. 



Cyber security threats will continue to be a challenge as both remote work and the data volume of endpoints and peripherals increases. Ivanti can help you transform your habits into a self-securing attitude. If you need assistance, visit and request your free product trial for Ivanti Neurons.


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