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itsa 365: Man with cell phone and Info about IAM
  • Technical contribution
  • Data Center Security, Identity and Access-Management

IDC Infobrief shows how IT Security prepares Companies for the Future

This newest LastPass/IDG research analyses IAM strategies and how these need to be adjusted as a result of remote work in the new normal. Learn more here.

itsa 365: woman with coffee cup works in a café Secure Remote-Work and seamless user experience 
The "new normal" and remote work have caused for extensive changes. Top of the list: The perception of IT security within companies has proven to be one of the main pillars when it comes to the right setup for remote working teams. 

A key role for identity and access management 
IDC and LastPass have created a detailed Inforbrief on this, and the outcome is highly convincing: Modern identity and access management enables convenient, seamless and efficient work with a vast variety of devices and from varying locations without undermining high corporate security standards. Identity and access management and the use of a password manager - these are measures that fulfill the requirements of all stakeholders. This is how IT security manages to meet the security demands imposed by remote working while still ensuring a good, seamless user experience. 

The security experts of LastPass advise companies to consider the following steps:
itsa 365: 4 people sit around a table and work together LastPass security experts give advice for secure remote-work 
1 Use of single sign-on 
SSO provides the IT system with full control and simplifies access administration. It enables a seamless user experience without reducing IT transparency and control.

2 Introducing multifactor authentication  
By using biometric data MFA creates an additional security level for companies and a positive user experience, e.g. password-free log-in (Note: 60% of MFA-users confirm that MFA contributes more security to the organization) 

3 Use contextual factors
Using contextual factors such as localization or IP addresses offers the IT system additional control and security by considering the plausibility of the sign-in situation (time, place, device). 

4 Securing the VPN 
Strong passwords and MFA on the VPN ensure that the people signing in actually are who they claim to be - before they get access. 

5 Protecting workstations 
MFA for workstations ensures that only legitimized persons are able to authenticate themselves (e.g. by using biometric or contextual factors).
itsa 365: female hands typing on a laptop keyboard. Safety symbols fly around. Modern Identity- and Access-Management enables convenient working 
6 Securely share
Password sharing ensures that all staff have access to the data they require for their work.

7 Reducing passwords 
Password-free authentication eliminates passwords from the log-in process and ensures a seamless user experience. 

8 Tackle "shadow IT" 
A password manager offers employees a secure location to store all their credentials – the ones IT does and does not know about.

9 Preventing phishing patterns
Password management can help to reduce the risk of phishing by never executing actions on suspicious sites.  

10 Maintaining an overview 
Detailed reports provide an overview across all activities and enable adjustments of access and authentication where necessary.
A new perception of IT security 
It is much more than a side effect that in this context IT security is able to position itself much more strongly in the view of management, too. IAM will help to strengthen the role of IT in the long term - and this is something all stakeholders will benefit from. Check out the Infobrief, it's well worth reading! 

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