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suresecure - tactics, defense and cyber defense

What is your defense strategy? Make sure your defenses are strong and don't let cybercriminals anywhere near your systems.

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Online extortion is THE boom business for criminals. The number of successful cyber attacks is increasing worldwide, and the costs of cybercrime are estimated at 10.5 trillion US dollars by 2025 (Cybersecurity Ventures). However, it is not only the costs that are highly problematic, but significantly the threatened information security. Managers and security experts see cyber attacks as the greatest danger for companies. Business downtime, espionage, financial damage and the removal and disclosure of sensitive data are just some of the risks involved.

Now that the mood is already subdued, bad news ahead:

No one can protect themselves 100% from a hacker attack. Just as no one can protect themselves 100% from an illness or a burglary. We can only arm ourselves as best we can.

One important message we would like to share with you in this lecture is: prevention is the key.

As a preventive preparation for a security incident that puts your IT environment at risk, we recommend the creation of an Incident Response Management Plan to be able to greatly reduce possible outages and damage. Our IRMP describes the technical and organisational handling of cyber security incidents in a structured manner. It helps you to react quickly, appropriately and comprehensively in the event of a security incident.

When a security incident occurs, stress and pressure prevail - this must not lead to blind actionism.

Ideally, an alleged security incident is identified as early as possible by alerting a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) system. But an alert must also be responded to. This is done by a team of analysts in a Security Operation Centre, a central security body that scans, checks and documents any conspicuous events in your IT infrastructure.
By the way, setting up a Security Operation Centre as well as SOC as a Service are among our absolute specialities.

We act as a special tactical unit in the field of hacker combat.

Like a modern S.W.A.T unit, we help you prioritise the right things at the right time and fully support you during an IT security incident with our Special Weapons And Tactics.

- We provide crisis communication, legal advice and communication with authorities and intelligence agencies.
- We take care of the detailed identification, classification and determination of the scope and impact of security incidents.
- We respond quickly to minimise the extent of damage.
- We carry out a comprehensive, forensic analysis that can be used in court, determine the course of attacks, entry gates, vulnerabilities - and clean up your IT assets.
- Also, our in-house S.W.A.T. unit provides secure reconstruction of a damaged IT infrastructure - and develops a further security incident analysis and improvement process. Because we have recognised that we must always be one step ahead of hackers.

By the way, it is essential to take out additional cyber insurance and protect yourself against cyber risks such as extortion, data theft and third-party damage. Many companies find it difficult to take out suitable cyber insurance due to the high insurance requirements. We specialise in cyber insurance, know the requirements, the market and develop customised insurance solutions for and with you for optimal protection.

The goal is not to be vulnerable at all.

We don't just want to react, but actively stay one step ahead of the attackers. We can only achieve this if we work together to provide up-to-date and comprehensive information and take preventive action.
So: rather save ransom and costs - and be prepared for everything.

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