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Why You're Still Experiencing Cybersecurity Attacks: A Deep Dive

Why are you still experiencing Cybersecurity Attacks ?

calendar_today Thu, 12.10.2023, 11:45 - 12:00

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place Hall 6, Booth 6-131

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Cloud Security Endpoint Protection Governance, Riskmanagement and Compliance Managed Security Services / Hosting Mobile Security Websecurity / VPN

Key Facts

  • Eliminate 70% of Cyber attacks by 'air-gapping' the browser
  • Stop Phishing, Credential Theft & malicious document attacks
  • Adopt a Zero-Trust, 'Air-Gapped' security model for Browsers


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Action description

 Hackers continue to exploit corporate users and their browsers for Phishing, Credential Theft and opening malicious documents. This issue continues to be a number one challenge for enterprises as the resulting data exfiltration and ransomware attacks has significant corporate risk and compliance consequences.

These attacks, representing around 70% of current attacks, are typically un-known and zero-day exploits which are not detectable by current security tools. Current security tools are typically 'signature based' detection tools looking for known attacks leaving the door open for these un-known and zero-day exploits.

Cradlepoint propose a 'Zero-Trust', 'Prevention Based' security model which stops these unknown and 'zero-day' exploits ever reaching your user devices and browsers by 'Air-Gapping' web and internet traffic into isolated cloud containers and only safe harmless content is sent to the user browser. Used in combination with your current security tools this enhanced security model will prevent these 70% of attacks via the browser. Cradlepoint have uniquely and technically addressed the challenge of rendering web HTML and java script so the user browser experience remains the same and continuing to use existing HTML browsers.

Other than the main benefit of closing this security door of handling ‘unknown’ and 'zero-day' exploits, this 'Zero-Trust', 'Prevention Based' security model also removes users from the front line of security defence duties. Its not their job anyway and no more training to "not visit risky web sites", "check URL links before opening", "if its suspicious don't open it", "don't open documents". It never worked anyway. ! No more user phishing and credential theft attacks !

This Cradlepoint concept of Zero-Trust, 'Air-Gapped' security architecture can also be applied to other high risk use cases beyond inbound web and internet isolating the web browser.

1. It can also be applied to allowing third party unmanaged devices accessing your corporate SaaS and Private Applications. So business partners, customers and contractors can now safely access corporate SaaS and Private applications where the third party unmanaged device are now 'Air-Gapped' and ‘isolated’ from the corporate network and applications. Now only the HTML secession of the corporate applications are run in the 'air-gapped' and 'isolated' cloud container. This means two things, a.) Potential harmful malware on the unmanaged third party device now never reaches the corporate network. b.) If the third party unmanaged device was ever compromised it can never be used to reach the corporate networks and application unlike current legacy VPN and ZTNA solutions which can be leveraged to gain access to corporate networks, applications and data. With this 'Air-Gapped', 'Isolated' Cradlepoint security architecture, at best the compromised device only has access to pixels of the HTML session running in the isolated cloud container. This is a significant step forward driving business models supporting closer works relationships with business partners and customers directly accessing corporate applications without the previous and historical security risks.

2. Many enterprises block the use of video conferencing tools such as Teams and Zoom because of the compliance and security risks associated with such tools. Cradlepoint has developed a solution that virtualizes a device camera, microphone and desktop into its 'Air-Gapped' 'isolated secured cloud containers. This means if a device was now compromised, then the hacker cannot access the camera, microphone and desktop as this is virtualized and runs in an secure isolated cloud container. At last confidential video, audio and files cannot be compromised to support the safe use of video conferencing tools.

Cradlepoint security solutions is a cloud based SaaS security service which can be implemented in a matter of minutes and will work with all existing security tools where user

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