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Measure, compare and optimize IT security. Fully automated and KPI-based.


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About us

Cybersecurity Monitoring and Ratings - Made in Germany
Systematically gain more security

LocateRisk enables more efficiency and transparency in IT security with automated, KPI-based IT risk analyses. Decision-makers from management and IT receive a comprehensible report on the security situation of their company-wide IT landscape in less than 48 hours. The score, which is based on publicly available data from hundreds of sources, allows the current security status to be read and compared, and the success of protective measures to be verified through regular monitoring.

In addition to the company's own IT security situation, the solution also provides reports on the IT security of third-party companies and helps to implement supplier risk management and M&A processes in a time- and cost-saving way.

The configuration-free, non-invasive IT attack surface audit uncovers outdated applications, encryption, configuration errors as well as data breaches and provides appropriate recommendations for action. Useful functions, such as automatic change detection with e-mail notification, additionally speed up the process. The analyses can be exported in various formats and linked to enterprise ticketing systems. In addition, we offer a partner network with IT security professionals, that we are happy to recommend.

Currently, a task management is under development, which allows CISOs to quickly distribute tasks to responsible administrators, for example in other countries. In a further step, the development of a database for AI-supported effort forecasts is planned.

Our customers include medium-sized companies and large corporations as well as ministries, cities, Kritis operators and IT system houses. From Norway to Dubai.
We are a participant in the Alliance for Cybersecurity of the BSI and bear the "IT Security - Made in Germany" mark of the German IT Security Association. 
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