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  • Consulting IT security
  • Threat analysis
  • Insurance IT security
  • CIP – Critical Infrastracture Protection (security solutions)
  • Risk analysis and management
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About us

LocateRisk non-invasively examines the network and application security of companies, uncovering infections, encryption, open ports, configuration errors and data breaches. IT security is complex and, especially due to digitalization, poses many new threats. Therefore, cyber security must not only play a major role in everyday IT life, but must also be a top priority at management level. Only clear cyber-risk figures and comprehensible analyses can identify the danger from outside. Due to a dynamic IT landscape and the continuous emergence and discovery of security gaps, potential areas of attack should also be checked regularly. An effort that is almost impossible to manage manually. Therefore, a system is needed that automatically controls and monitors cyber risks.

LocateRisk examines companies from the point of view of an external attacker and analyzes the digital footprint with the help of state-of-the-art methods to show the cyber risk in comparison to direct competitors. Key figure-based management reports provide a clear and understandable presentation of a company's security situation. The comparable Security Score allows you to compare your own IT security situation with that of your peer group. In addition to the clear management report, a detailed weak-point analysis is offered. This provides information about dangers and risks and supports the IT department in eliminating the weak points found.

Working with LocateRisk also offers many advantages in vendor risk management, as cyber security of a company is only as strong as the weakest link within the ecosystem. The comparable analyses provide an immediate insight into the IT security of vendors and thus an assessment of the overall cyber risk.

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