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MTG Enterprise Resource Security - Mastering Cryptographic Lifecycles


  • Identity and access management
  • Industrial IT security
  • CIP – Critical Infrastracture Protection (security solutions)
  • Authentication
  • Public key infrastructure
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64293 Darmstadt

About us

MTG AG was founded in 1995 and is a leading specialist for sophisticated encryption technologies "Made in Germany". We simplify and centralize the management of cryptographic keys throughout the entire key management lifecycle. Industry-specific requirements of companies and public institutions are always taken into account.

MTG ERS unlocks the full potential of secure digitization across industries and processes. Based on verified identities, trusted communication and centralized storage of encrypted data become possible.
The MTG ERS product offer consists of three aligned elements: MTG Corporate PKI, MTG Key Management Systems and the appropriate hardware security modules for specific use cases.

MTG ERS simplifies and centralizes the management of cryptographic keys and identities in enterprises and public institutions. MTG ERS allows industry-specific implementation and easy integration of a complete key management lifecycle in selected enterprise processes.

While an ERP system handles the central planning, control and management of the company's resources, the ERS system manages the central protection of the associated processes with cryptographic keys.

We support our customers with excellent IT security know-how and the appropriate products. MTG customers benefit from our flexibility in integrating our products. If necessary, complex requirements and specific design requests can be taken into account. In cooperation with our customers, we develop a detailed specification that takes the individual requirements for the respective project into account. Departments involved are fully integrated and interfaces are coordinated mutually.
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