SoSafe Cyber Security Awareness

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SoSafe GmbH

SoSafe sensitizes employees in dealing with IT security with its awareness platform.


  • Education / training / qualification
  • Compliance / GRC (products and services)
  • Health services (IT security solutions)
  • CIP – Critical Infrastracture Protection (security solutions)
  • Awareness
  • Anti-virus and malware protection
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Ehrenfeldgürtel 76
50823 Köln

About us

SoSafe's awareness platform sensitizes and trains employees in dealing with the topic of IT security, through simulated phishing attacks and interactive e-learnings. With SoSafe, employees learn about what to pay particular attention to when using e-mails, passwords or social media in an efficient and sustainable way. In order to make learning fun and achieve favorable training effects, the development of the learning modules and the entire knowledge transfer is based on insights from learning psychology. Thanks to micromodules as well as a continuous multimedia approach, the content reaches the user more effectively andsustainably. Thus, not only short-lived knowledge is imparted, but behavior is changed in the long term in terms of IT security. What is also essential for sustainable learning is that the entire e-learning must be designed with the employees in mind. Therefore, SoSafe processes employee data 100% anonymously and there is no person-specific evaluation of the learning results. The employer, nevertheless, receives differentiated reporting and can make awareness building measurable for the company. Thanks to the cloud-based learning management system, the learning content is continuously streamed after the "SCORM streaming" modules have been installed. This means you are always up to date - as soon as new modules or updates are available, they are accessed. This way, not only the implementation but also the application runs almost automatically - there is a minimum of additional effort with a very good training effect. Last but not least, the use of SoSafe fulfills various compliance frameworks, such as the ISO 27001 standard, which prescribes continuous training of employees in IT security topics. With SoSafe, employees are trained to consciously deal with IT security risks and thus enabled to be an active part of the defense against cyber attacks of the company.

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